Spring forward, fall collection:
the new season dramatically unfurled in a film by Jacob Sutton 

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Jacob Sutton is a fashion photographer and expert in 'kinetic, explody things'. When he needs to make his ideas for moving image a reality, he often turns to the safest pair of hands he knows: his father's.

Jake Sutton was – and still is – a professional painter as well as a member of the fantastically named Society of Model and Experimental Makers. 'I had always been around dad's model engineering things,' Jacob explains. 'And then, when I was studying photography at college we started with little projects. Dad was always good at problem-solving, so I would say, "Dad, I want to hang someone upside down!"'

Having collaborated on everything from rotating rooms to a snowboarding suit made of LED lights, the father and son team adopted a novel approach to the 'big reveal' of fashion shows for this film, made exclusively for Issue 06 of Hole & Corner. Jake constructed a giant catapult-like contraption which unveils a fashion model once a candle has burnt through a piece of string holding the structure at tensile point. Captured in slow motion, the moment of violent velocity becomes a graceful transition...

Read more about the Suttons in Issue 06

Words Nick Compton
Catapult Jake Sutton
Film Jacob Sutton