Ahead of the Hole & Corner makers’ stage at Port Eliot Festival in partnership with Plymouth University, here’s a tantalizing glimpse of the magical house and grounds that will be hosting us this summer…

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The Hole & Corner  makers’ stage returns for a second year to Port Eliot festival in partnership With Plymouth University, we thought it only fitting to share again our exclusive snoop around the house and its creative history.

If you haven’t been to the famous, fabulously eccentric festival just over the Tamar river that marks the boundary between Devon and Cornwall, imagine a cross between a grand, extended Victorian garden party and the fringe fields of Glastonbury. A celebration of arts and crafts, with something of a bohemian, literary bent, it was conceived by the current Lord and Lady St Germans, Peregrine (who tragically passed away on 15th July 2016) and Cathy – the latter stating ‘I want to leave a memory like a wonderful stain in your head.’

And what a stain it leaves. It’s an event where Hollywood actors, fashionistas, novelists and pop stars rub shoulders and join in unreservedly with the crowd. All of which is testament to the remarkable St Germans, their Creative Director, the production designer Michael Howells – and a reflection of the magical house itself.

Talking of which,  here then are the results of our snooping; up its 11 staircases, through its 15 back doors – even peering up a fair few of its 82 chimneys: welcome to your own personal guided tour of Port Eliot. We’ll see you here in the summer.

Port Eliot Festival

Photographs Jake Curtis