The Art of Paisley

The Art of Paisley

Etro's masterclass in pattern

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For London Craft Week, Italian fashion house Etro hosted long-time collaborator Serge Maury in-store.

Maury is an artist in paisley, continuing the tradition of his mentor, the French artist Vergély. He works by hand drawing an intricate series of pencil traces which are then painted using a sable brushes and applied tempera leads to create the iconic Etro motif.

'Paisley adapts, reinterpreting itself in a new palette of colours and graphics,' says Maury; 'making sure that it is ever-changing and transforming. It is a decorative element with great potential for new interpretations without risking growing tired or stale - leaving us in awe of the infinite shapes and details that we fell in love with at the very beginning.'

Photographs Sam Walton