Hole & Corner in residence in St James's

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We have now closed the doors on our temporary residency

at 213 Piccadilly and issue 3 of Hole & Corner has made it to the presses.

Thanks to all the amazing makers and artisans who brought their unique talents (plus the odd bike) to the space - and helped out beyond the call of duty in making our time in Piccadilly such a success.

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting interviews with some of our St James' neighbours on the site (follow us on Instagram for a sneak preview).

Thanks to all of you who popped in over the past few weeks to see the new issue take shape, meet our makers or just have a look around and a chat. Thanks should also go to all at St James' and The Crown Estate for their kindness - and of course to our incredible team of staff, contributors, friends and helpers for their generosity, energy and cheerfulness.

Look out for issue 3 in all good, discerning outlets soon - or subscribe to ensure you don't miss out.

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Photographs: George Selwyn-Brace