Rob Ryan's Perfect Form


What Is Your Idea of Perfect Form? 


Hole & Corner asks some of our favourite makers, thinkers and creative minds to ponder the idea of perfection in design…

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The 7” single. This hand-sized plastic disc has had impressed onto its surface a spiralled groove that if laid out in a straight line would be 81 metres in length (for an average 2.45 minute record).

Somehow, God knows, when you rotate it on a turntable and allow a tiny needle to run along this groove it plays music that sounds exactly how it did at the time when it was recorded. Obviously this is all done by some kind of witchcraft. 

You can have two songs on one record, one on each side. Generally one side is good and the other side is rubbish. I never play the rubbish side. 
A paper label is stamped onto the middle part (where there are no grooves) to tell you who is singing and what etc. That’s about it. 

There is another thing, these plastic discs can cheer you up, make you sad, exultant, inspire you to be a better person, dance, sing along to badly, cry, think and not think. 

As I’ve said before, it’s all sorcery, created by human beings – top of the planet Earth food chain, the greatest species in the Milky Way.

Love it or shove it.

Rob Ryan, artist and illustrator