Port Eliot Festival 2017 - Line Up


Hole & Corner at Port Eliot Festival

Hole & Corner in partnership with Plymouth University returns to St Germans in Cornwall to curate the third edition of our hugely successful makers' tent; with workshops, demonstrations and talks by some of the finest makers in the country. We are pleased to announce our talented maker line-up for Port Eliot Festival from July 27th to July 30th 2017... 



Booking Information

Our morning workshops can now be booked via the button below. There will be also workshop tickets available everyday over the festival. Afternoon workshop tickets will be available at 11am Friday - Sunday from the Hole & Corner tent, on a first come, first served basis. All workshop tickets are £15 (which includes a free Hole & Corner magazine). Kids under 14 are £1 in advance and free on the day.

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Any questions feel free to email us at info@holeandcornermagazine.com


Alex Pole

A one hour blacksmithing taster session where participants will make either a bottle opener, fire steel or toasting fork. Blacksmith Alex Pole will introduce some of the basic approaches and techniques used in the forge including, how to work steel at different temperatures, how to judge the heat of the metal and how to taper, scroll and twist your metal on the anvil for the best results.  (Over 16s only please.) Alex Pole Ironwork was established in 2006, he has had a lifelong passion for metalwork of all types and started his training as a jewellery maker in 1990, he followed this with blacksmithing in 1994, and has worked professionally in both fields ever since. 

Alex Pole uses both modern and traditional techniques at his forge in South Somerset where all the work is produced by hand and, wherever possible, using materials sourced from the local area. His aims are to promote British blacksmithing and to make it accessible, and affordable, to the general public. 


(over 16s)

Eleanor Bolton x Darkroom  
Plant hanger workshop

For the second year running Eleanor Bolton invites participants to explore making with rope. After last years successful rope jewellery workshops, this year Eleanor in collaboration with Rhonda Drakeford of Darkroom will present a rope plant hanger making workshop. Visitors will have the chance to make a macrame plant hanger embellished with ceramic and wood geometric components in a nod to Darkroom’s signature bold aesthetic.

Eleanor Bolton trained at the Royal College of Art and started her studio in 2010. She is known for her unique craft technique of coiling and hand stitching cotton rope to create sculptural jewellery. More recently, Eleanor has also branched into interiors with a range of knotted plant hangers.

Darkroom is a bold design brand from London that celebrates the crafted and the curious— It strives to make good design accessible, whilst also questioning the norm. Launched in 2009, Darkroom continues to be steered by design director Rhonda Drakeford.


Afternoon workshops at: Friday 2 -3.30pm / Sunday 2-3.30pm (over 14s)


Francli Craftwear
Upcycle a welly into phone case

Festival season is so much fun! But we've also all seen the aftermath - fields strewn with battered tents, lone wellies and crumpled gazebos. It's time to think more about the consequences and close the loop with a positive solution. In collaboration with Hole and Corner, designer/maker and Francli co-founder Ali Goodman will be running a series of upcycling workshops, sharing her knowledge of up-cycling and traditional leatherwork techniques by making phone cases from wellington boots. Participants will, pick a welly, prep the welly material, cut a phone case pattern, glue into place, then mark and punch holes, saddle stitch and finish the edges to create your own waterproof phone case.

Francli Craftwear is a small, made in Britain studio that makes hardy craft and outdoor goods for people with purpose. By collecting pre and post consumer waste fabrics and re-purposing them into their designs, they aim to stop functional materials from heading to landfill and instead give them a new life.


Afternoon workshop at: Friday 2-5pm (over 14s)


Hugh Dunford Wood
-Shirt Printing

Come create a festival t-shirt with artist and designer Hugh Dunford Wood and team using paints, crayons and stamps that you make by hand and print.  They’ll give you plenty of guidance to help you create a t-shirt that will be the envy of your family and friends. Suitable for anyone aged between 6-13 years – completely washable and we expect the kids to be as well.

Hugh Dunford Wood has worked as an independent artist designer since his student days at Oxford’s Ruskin School of Art in the 1970s. He's been a landscape and portrait painter ; and run an atelier hand-painting mens’ ties with a team of 24 artists under his direction. At present, he works from his studio in the South West designing crockery, jewellery, furnishing fabrics and wallpapers.


Afternoon workshops at: Friday 2-3pm, 3-4pm and Saturday 2-3pm, 3-4pm (under 14s) 


Jim Parkyn's
Amazing Scene Machine

The Amazing Scene machine is a unique combination of puppet theatre, animation and painting. Created by Jim Parkyn a model maker who’s worked with Aardman on Shaun The Sheep, Chicken Run and Creature Comforts to name a few…

Jim Parkyn and his animation technicians will feed the machine to create a ever developing Plasti-Scene before your very eyes and you can be part of it!  Make a mini effigy of yourself or let your imagination go wild and make whatever takes your fancy. Give your masterpiece to one of the technicians who will then feed it in to the machine and it will be added to the evolving scene.

Jim Parkyn has been working in stop motion animation for nearly 20 years and with Aardman Animations since 2000. He has been involved in feature films, short films, commercials and series including Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the WereRabbit, Pirates: An Adventure With Scientists, Shaun the movie, Creature Comforts and Shaun The Sheep among many others. Jim is also an Aardman Ambassador, running workshops in model making and animation and team building events at many schools and venues internationally.

Afternoon workshops at: Friday 2-3pm, Saturday 2-3pm (all ages welcome)

Kiwi Print Studio
Screenprint a tote bag

A workshop designed to give you a taste of screen-printing, participants will get the chance to print a tote bag with a limited edition print designed by Kiwi’s Dena O’Brien and inspired by this year’s Port Eliot Festival. Participants will be able to take away their own bag at the end of the workshop.

Founded by artist Dena O’Brien in 2012 Kiwi is a professional printmaking studio situated in the heart of Cornwall. Dena began her career in printmaking after studying a Masters degree in Print at the Royal College of Art in London, where she found her passion for screen printing and all things print based.


Afternoon workshops: Saturday 3-4pm, Sunday 11.30-12.30,  2-3pm (over 8s) 


Leach Pottery
Throwing At The Wheel

The Leach Pottery is considered by many to be the birthplace of British studio pottery. The Leach Pottery’s new studio was built in 2008 and houses our skilled team of production potters and apprentices.

At the Port Eliot Festival the production potters will be hosting groups of 4 giving a demonstration of the rudiments of throwing and then each person will have an opportunity to have a go and hopefully produce a pot on the wheel!

The restored Leach Pottery site includes a museum, created to celebrate the life, work, influences and legacy of Bernard Leach. One of the great figures of 20th century art, Bernard Leach played a crucial pioneering role in creating an identity for artist potters across the world. The Leach Pottery’s studio houses our skilled team of production potters, Roelof Uys, Kat Wheeler, Britta James and Laurence Eastwood who make our new standard ware range. The team is assisted by two apprentices, Callum Trudgeon and Matthew Foster – both recipients of Cornish clothing company Seasalt’s bursary apprentice scheme. 

The Leach Pottery hosts international masterclasses, talks and demonstrations and has a programme of family activities (Clay Days), workshops, evening classes, taster sessions. Our evening class and intensive three and five day throwing courses are also available all year round. These hugely popular classes are held in Bernard Leach’s studio in the old pottery.


(over 8s)

Merchant & Mills
Field Belt Workshop

Take pause and invest thought, time and labour in making your own clothes. The Merchant & Mills Field Belt carries all your travel or festival essentials. Made from the best quality English oilskin, finished to age and wear beautifully. The bag is fully lined in cotton with sturdy hardware and leather straps made to fit. Practice cutting double layers of fabric, proper pinning, maintaining your seam allowance and backstitching to create a solid foundation for future projects. You’ll be able to keep your pattern to go home and make more. 

Merchant & Mills began in 2010 with the aim of bringing style and purpose to the overlooked world of sewing and making. We create dressmaking patterns and supply curated fabrics alongside sewing tools to encourage the creation of a desirable and functional wardrobe. Self-made garments are elevated as a counterpoint to the increasingly indistinguishable options of the High Street. 


Afternoon workshop at: Saturday 2-4pm (over 14s)


Mr Smith
Introduction to Traditional Letterpress

A one hour exploration of type and traditional letterpress techniques with typographer Mr Smith. Over the hour you’ll set your name into a ‘forme’ and print a one off poster (the ‘forme’ is the frame the type is locked up in whilst it is printed).

The resurgence of letterpress over the last decade has triggered a passionate respect for the craft & reinforced its position in the visual arts. Letterpress has identified itself as an antidote to the immediate & often dispensable nature of modern technology. There are very few letterpress facilities remaining in the British Isles & even fewer experts to instruct.

Mr Smith is a craftsman, designer, typographer, printmaker, wordsmith & maker — he is of strong temperament & is chiefly concerned with good design, attention to detail, thorough practice & quality workmanship — he creates exquisitely crafted contemporary typographic printed matter using wood & metal
type in his studio. 


Afternoon workshops at Saturday3-4.30pm, Sunday 2-3.30pm (over 14s)

Noa Weintraub
Coil & Pinch Clay

An hour introductory session to clay, exploring hand building methods of coiling and pinching.  Participants will learn how to create a pot using the coil and pinch technique - one of the oldest forms of pottery making and still used throughout the world today.                                                                 

Noa Weintraub is an artist, and ceramicist based in London. Her ceramic bowls are hand-painted one off pieces. With strong influences of lace, crochet and craft, these bowls are highly decorative and embellished with frills. Conscious of the reference to traditional female activities such as lace making, cake decoration and baking, Noa is interested in women’s roles and place in society. The space between the housewife, female seductress and female artist, and what happens when they sometimes overlap.


Afternoon workshop: Saturday 2pm (over 14s)


Gratitude Marbling

Join us for a hands-on marbling workshop - an immersive celebration of Nature and the elements -  hosted by cult pattern pioneers PATTERNITY and explore a mesmerising swirling colour palette inspired by the beauty of nature and the elements of the Earth. Get hands on with the PATTERNITEAM and learn about the marvellous craft of marbling. Lose yourself in moments of flow and fun and join us as we create magnificent marbled masterpieces to take home and enjoy.

The Paternity Mission: 
– To inspire a deeper connection to our environment, each other and ourselves through pattern awareness, understanding and engagement.
– Create, connect and collaborate with a diverse community of pattern enthusiasts, experts and explorers across the globe.


Afternoon workshops Friday 12-1pm, Saturday 12-1pm (all ages welcome)

Steph Buttle
Creative Clay

Ceramic artist Stephanie Buttle hosts a series of unique clay workshops where participants respond to objects and music in a series of clay-making exercises to help participants free their creative flow.

Artist and maker Stephanie Buttle uses diverse approaches within her ceramics practice influenced by her former professional experiences within dance, performance and lens-based mediums. These influences are realised within her dynamic installations and film work. Stephanie is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and currently works out of her North London studio.


Afternoon workshops: Friday 2-3pm, Sunday 2-3pm (over 14s)


The Workbench
Make a ring workshop

Join The Workbench girls for an unmissable experience carving your very own ring. This unique workshop is created by London jeweller best friends Katie Woodward (Crux London) and Kirstie MacLaren. Their craft nights are designed to make jewellery making fun, east and affordable.

You will be guided through the ancient process of 'lost wax carving' and learning how to carve your dream ring from specialist jewellers wax. Once carved the girls will transform your wax creating into solid metal, professionally polish and deliver to you in 3 weeks.

Every ring is carefully hand inscribed with a Port Eliot engraving and your initials to mark the occasion.


Afternoon workshop at: Friday 2-4pm (over 14s)


2 Hungry Bakers
Carve a Spoon

Join designer/makers Adamina Turek and Adrian Austin to learn how to carve a wooden spoon. You will learn which tools to use and how to handle the knives in a safe and effective way.  Then choose from a variety ofseasoned wood blanks (a pre-prepared piece of wood) in English Ash, English Apple, Polish Cherry to transform into a spoon to take home!  All tools and materials are supplied and Adamina and Adrian can advise you on which simple tools to buy to carry on with this beautiful craft.

Adamina and Adrian are the founders of 2 Hungry Bakers, a food inspired ceramics and woodcraft design studio. They use a mixture of traditional and modern techniques to create a range of everyday tableware. All work is produced by hand in their micro-workshop in North London where they aim to create objects that are both beautiful and functional. 


Afternoon workshops at: Saturday 1-4pm, Sunday 1-4pm (over 14s)