Piano Craft Review


A review of Hole & Corner's Piano Craft
event at London Craft Week 2016



In the raw, atmospheric space of Oxo Tower Wharf’s Bargehouse on the South Bank, Hole & Corner – in partnership with Plymouth University – hosted a two-day event with Steinway Pianos. During the day, Steinway technicians David Widdicombe and Rob Johnson gave visitors the chance to examine the anatomy of this musical icon. With over 12,000 pieces and taking an average of a year to build, David Widdicombe focused on disassembling the keyboard to its component parts before reassembling – have a watch of Classic FM’s excellent time-lapse to get the idea. Meanwhile Rob Johnson focused on demonstrating repairs to a piano from 1897 that included strengthening and restoring its soundboard as well hammer re-shaping, key re-bushing, action repair and damper repair. 

On Thursday evening we celebrated our activities at London Craft Week with some mind-boggling but fascinating sonic design talks by Pete Davis and Mat Emmett from the Department of Architecture, Design and Environment at Plymouth University followed by performances by virtuoso Steinway pianist Jason Bae and a mesmeric set by Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor featuring songs from his excellent new solo album, Piano. Thanks to Bruichladdich whisky and Island Records Session IPA for adding to the flavour of the evening. 

On Friday evening minds were set buzzing again, this time with the concept of a quantum computer and Opera soprano singing in response to one another by composer and filmmaker Dr Alexis Kirke from Plymouth University. And, as the final rays of sun streamed through the doors, Jason Bae treated us to another exclusive classical recital. 

A huge thank you to all of you involved and who visited our events at London Craft Week 2016

Photographs at 2,4 and 13 courtesy London Craft Week by
Original & The Copy