Men In Sheds



Photographer Lucy Harris's paean to her grandfather and his shed

Want more sheds?


We may be living in a so-called post industrial, technology-obsessed society, but there’s still plenty of men who love nothing more than retreating to their sheds. This classic archetype is something that resonates with us here at Hole & Corner – so much so we’ve built a magazine around it, documenting and celebrating men and women who seek out their own space to create, make and think in, away from the mainstream. 

Photographer Lucy Harris was first inspired to put together Men in Sheds by her grandfather, Arthur Harris, 87, who still spends much of his time tinkering away in his shed. It is a place for him to practice his passion for wood crafting, often working on projects for the garden or doing odd jobs for his family and friends. His faithful companion is Mickey – a desiccated field mouse who’s pinned up on the shed wall as a lucky charm. And there's plenty more like him…

John Barry Hill, 76, got his first motorbike at 14 and has owned about 60 in all; kept and faithfully maintained in his shed. His collection includes classic motorbikes from all over the world; BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Motto Guzzi, Vincent, Norton and Brough Superior to name a few – although he’s clear that he’s never fancied owning Harley Davidson. Hill rode his bikes for 58 years until an inner ear balance problem stopped him. The shed now serves as a storage space for the bikes he can no longer take on the road, together with the motorcycle memorabilia he's amassed over the years. 

Andrew Richardson, 53, once worked as an internal auditor in the City but found London life too stressful and so moved to Bristol. He’s now a potter – his studio is his shed – where he teaches small classes the art of throwing clay.

Men In Sheds is a self-published book, available to purchase upon request.


Words Julia Jarvis