Marvellous Mechanica Review

Marvellous Mechanica


A review of our kinetic installation at London Craft Week

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Over the course of London Craft Week (3-7 May) artists Martin Smith, Nik Ramage and Jim Bond spent three days devising and building a kinetic installation with a group of ten design students from Plymouth University. The result, a circuit of mechanical devices that moved ping pong balls in inventive and unexpected ways across the chapel at the House of St Barnabas, used all manner of crafty solutions including catapults, mazes, pulleys, bicycles and celebrated the highs and lows in the process of invention, creative engineering and movement.

Accompanying these clever kinetic contraptions was a collection of classic automata from the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, including work from Paul Spooner, Patrick Bond and Ron Fuller epitomise this particular genre of the craft.

With many thanks to: 

The artists - Martin Smith, Nik Ramage and Jim Bond

Affinity with Plymouth University - Justin Bovington, Polly Macpherson

Plymouth University design students - Annabelle Chapple, Sean Hungwe, Lucy Swift, Callum Guttridge, Holly Rolfe, Tuesday Masding, William Shaw, Lucy Symons, Adam Dupree, Joachim Tilling

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre - Sarah Alexander, Patrick Bond

The House of St Barnabas - Fiona Wells 

London Craft Week - Philippa Hobson, Guy Salter, Marieke Syed

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