John Lobb / Gestures

Shoe Making in Five Scenes


John Lobb's Gestures put the artistry and skill of their craft in the spotlight...



Stripping back to the elemental steps of shoemaking, John Lobb have created a series of short films that celebrate the process of making a handmade pair of shoes. The films remove the craftsperson from the atelier to hone in on the virtuosity and finesse of each of their skillsets…

Scene I Sees the last hand carved into Hornbeam wood.

Scene II The creation of the unique pattern from which the leather is cut.

Scene III Fire and water are used alongside specialist hand tools to manipulate the leather, whilst intricate hand sewing begins to reveal the shoe’s form.

Scene IV The leather upper is wrapped and stretched around the last. Hand twisted yarns make a Norwegian stitch - a technique possessed only by a handful of seasoned artisans.

Scene V The final instalment of John Lobb’s Gestures Series reveals the meticulous detail involved in completing a pair of made to measure shoes.

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