British Craft Pavilion


Hole & Corner are curating the second edition of the British Craft Pavilion at the London Design Fair from 21 - 24 September, 2017. Presenting talented contemporary British-based makers: from woodworkers to ceramicists, blacksmiths to textiles practitioners, leatherworkers to printmakers...


Blenheim Forge
Hand-forged chef knives in Peckham

Tailor-made frames handcrafted in England


Christabel Balfour
Artist and weaver from South East London

Claire Coles
Handcrafted wallpaper murals and appliqué artworks


Dove Street Pottery
Wheel-thrown, functional ware by David Worsley

Forest + Found
A collaborative studio practice by Max Bainbridge and Abigail Booth


'Forging hot steel is something I don't think any of us will get tired of' Blenheim Forge


Hardy workwear and outdoor accessories, handcrafted in Britain

Havelock Studio
Furniture, products and objects rooted in concept and purpose


J. Elbourne
A designer and maker, producing handwoven furniture for interiors

Janie's Knitted Textiles
Handcrafted knitted accessories from UK yarns


Julian Mayor
Sculptural forms created using technology and craft-based processes

Kana London
Playful, tactile, hand-built ceramics in stoneware, made in East London


'All my work is hand built. I use few tools; mostly practical bits I have picked up on the way. I think a butter knife and a spoon are the most used tools in my studio'
Kana London


Keiko Yanagisawa
Japanese born - London based artist and illustrator using traditional Japanese colours and hues.

Lacquer Studios
Specialists in Oriental and European lacquer and paint techniques


Leonie Stanton
London-based potter

Linda Bloomfield
London potter making porcelain tableware


Louise Body
British designer producing wallpapers, fabric and accessories

Modern Craft Workshop
Tableware made from local stoneware clay: a celebration of hard work, handwork and quality.


Olivia Walker
London and Barcelona based ceramicist, who throws precise forms in porcelain before submerging them in paper-thin accretions

The Mighty Stitch
Scottish textile designer making distinctive and unique embroideries with many wonderful applications.


Par Avion
Norfolk-based furniture designers Simon and Monica Cass

Pole and Hunt
British knife makers


Pottery West
Sheffield-based studio founded by Catherine and Matt West

Ren London
Simple and beautiful textiles in soft, luxurious fabrics


Reiko Kaneko
Ceramics, jewellery and studio glaze pieces from Stoke-on-Trent

Smith's Rules
Craftsman, designer, typographer, printmaker, wordsmith and maker


Product designer Ariane Prin's Rustiles installation, working with London Design Fair's 'Material of the Year' Jesmonite, will be on display at the British Craft Pavilion.


Stoff Studios
Refined collections of textiles and furniture using traditional methods

Tanya McCallin
Studio potter working in porcelain, stoneware and earthenware clays


Temper Studio
Finely crafted bespoke and made-to-order furniture made in Wiltshire 

Teucer Wilson
One of the country's leading lettercutters and stone carvers


'I have always loved Alvar Aalto’s quote: “Beauty is the harmony of function and form.” I always approach my work with this in mind...' Tom Gyr of Tom's Studio


Tortie Hoare
Furniture maker using leather and wood

Will Elworthy
East London furniture maker


 Zuza Mengham will be presenting a new series of Lichen sculptures, in the British Craft Pavilion, insetting British variants of this organism into Jesmonite to create the artworks.