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Harveys Bloomsbury Brown

In praise of a weak drink that makes you feel like a bisexual Serpico

To be honest, we bought this beer solely on the basis of the picture of Duncan Grant downing a bottle on the label (an awesome dude if ever there was one – but that's for another blog post).

First the boring stuff – Bloomsbury Brown has a nutty flavour to it, it's not as strong as you think, and it comes in handy smaller-sized bottles so you can drink it in a sophisticated continental way. We picked up a case from Harveys in Lewes, a stone's throw from Charleston, the farmhouse-cum-creative hothouse that Grant lived in with perhaps the most complicated home set-up in history (case in point: his daughter thought her father was really Grant's gay lover Clive Bell, who was married to her mother, Vanessa Bell. But there's another blog).

But Bloomsbury Brown does one thing for you: it makes you feel like Grant in that picture on the bottle: a boho, bisexual Serpico, sitting in his hand-painted house, surrounded by the greatest literary and artistic minds of his era. And let's face it, that's about as much as you could ask of a beer.

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