Issue 14: Material

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Issue 14: Material


Reflections Furniture legend John Makepeace put things into perspective

Goods Substance and technique. Raw materials given a new order

Notes: Reading Material
Jude Rogers on the strange forgotten world of paper fashion - Geoff McCormack on a parting gift from his childhood friend David Bowie - Lost in the shelves of the London Library - Andy Thomas meets John Simons, pioneer of the mod aesthetic - Merchant and Mills’s Roderick Field heads to the land of Tweed - Catrin James on her guerrilla approach to concrete restoration - Sam Blunden goes in search of a lost font.

Stories of Dedication Gallerist Sarah Myerscough is engaging in woodwork in a contemporary way - Bodo Sperlein on silver - Design Faye Toogood on her multi-everything practice - Lara Bohnic on stone - The International Folk Art Market, Santa Fe - Alex Pole on steel - At Nymphenbergs’s Munich headquarters they have 300 years of skill in porcelain manufacture - The Rug Company on Tibetan wool - John Lobb archive - Peter Layton on glass -  Emily Johnson’s 1882 Ltd on giving Britain’s pottery heartland a reboot - Jessica Ogden on quilting - Richard Haines on catwalk illustration - A Factory Sampler, we convene a style council to discuss how to get the British garment industry back on track in the wake of Brexit.

My hole-and-corner Connolly owner Isabel Ettedgui on the restorative power of a beachside walk at her French retreat.

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