Issue 11: Reflection


Issue 11: Reflection


Reflections Mulberry founder Roger Saul on a life of changing perspectives

Goods I could give you a mirror: Shadows and reflections combine in the season’s best new design

Notes Matthew Fort is just looking at the man in the mirror - Glossing over the facts with Josh Sims - Confessions of a spectacle wearer by Jude Rogers - Daan Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Ring - Toby Glanville: lost in a photograph - Glenn Cooper’s canned music - Richard Benson finds some light for our modern Pandaemonium - Marcel Schreur: life as a ‘walking miracle’

Stories of Dedication Sculptor Laurence Edwards - Emma Peascod Studio  - Lasvit glassworks - Four of the leading lights of the jewellery industry discuss the challenges right now - Some of our favourite people select the handmade items they can’t live without  - Zygmunt Bauman, one of the world’s most respected contemporary philosophers, on why it’s good to embrace crisis - Backyard Bill travels from Italy to America to track down the product designers who are the guiding lights of their scene - Gilder, inventor, ‘ideas man’ and raconteur Colin Mullins -  Riedel - Alice Made This - silver spinners - A Spoon Gathering

My hole-and-corner Fragrance maker Francis Kurkdjian on the
inspiration he finds in the twilight hours

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