Issue 10: Form


Issue 10: Form


Reflections Sir Peter Blake reflects on a life spent shaping modern British art

Goods Material, process, function and potential combine in the season’s best new design

Notes Form filling - A Better World – Utopia explained; David Horvitz explores new forms in art - Carli Humphries meets the maker who tattooed his favourite chair on his arm - Jude Rogers on Darren Hayman’s musical project to remember 54 Thankful Villages - Richard Benson on the importance of stacking your hay right - Johnny Messum on Britain’s earliest known artwork, found in his field - Pete Lyle has issues with plastic - A brief history of man in footwear

Stories of Dedication A rare visit to Richard Batterham, the reluctant, reclusive legend of pottery - Proportion London -  Felicity Irons, English rush weaver - What form does beauty take? A conversation with Comme des Garçons Adrian Joffe, designer Molly Goddard and Egg’s Maureen Doherty - Bill Amberg on leather -  Marshall Buck, automotive model maker, How the stunning landscape of Carrara and its unsurpassed raw material continues to inspire new generations of designers - A Craft Collaboration: LA-based designer Stephen Kenn and his new multi-functional furniture range for Victorinox - Retrouvius - Sculptor Simon Gaiger - Bocci’s Omer Arbel - As Peter Hone prepares to sell the art and antiquities he’s amassed over the years, Hone reflects on the need for ‘a bit of vulgarity’

My hole-and-corner Woodworker Nic Webb on the shepherd’s hut overlooking the South Downs that he uses for his studio

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