rite to silence…

Introducing John Alfredo Harris – from London clubland to furniture-making in the woods…

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As a member of cult Acid Jazz band The Sandals, John Alfredo Harris (hence the ‘JAH’ of the title) was at the cutting edge of London urban and club culture in the 1990s. These days, he says, ‘The longer I’m in an industrial situation… it’s almost like my battery’s drained and I have to go back and charge it up again.’

Now relocated to the Hertfordshire/Essex border, Harris has retrained himself as a furniture designer, combining traditional cabinet making skills with a sculptural, artistic approach. Using only reclaimed and sourced eco-friendly timber, he revels in ‘that clarity and release that you only find in a green space’.

Directed by Nick Griffiths of &SON (a creative practice based in Bloomsbury), this film is the result of a longstanding relationship between the two and details Harris’ journey from the heart of London clubland to finding himself in the woods of the home counties…

Film by Nick Griffiths. 
All music written and performed by Fake Jazz