Backyard Bill visits artist and textile designer Jen Garrido at her
San Francisco studio 

Originally featured in Issue 04
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Where’s home? 
San Francisco, California.

What do you do?
I’m an artist. I make work under two names. I make paintings as Jen Garrido – which is my real name – and, under Jenny Pennywood, I  design and have a textile line.
Is there a particular technique or material that you see as an essential part of the making process for you? 
I start all of my patterns for Jenny Pennywood with black ink and a brush. I then scan in the lines and compose them in the computer. 
What are the themes that most inspire your work at the moment? 
Flea markets, piles of scarves, patterns on vintage clothing – and I love Pinterest! 
What tool could you not live without?
What is the best raw material to work with?
Heavy hot-pressed watercolour paper. I hate a floppy paper! It has to be heavy, feel good in my hands and be smooth. 
Can you describe a piece that you really enjoyed making?
I hand-painted an oral pattern in navy blue onto linen and made them into curtains for my bedroom. 
Where do you go for a good, productivity-inducing cup of coffee? 
I’m more into ice tea! Especially mango black ice tea. I get one every morning on my way to my studio.


Photographs Backyard Bill