Jacopo Foggini


Designer Jacopo Foggini invented a machine to produce a material filament that he models into luminous shapes and works. Backyard Bill meets him at his Milanese studio

In The Reflection Issue

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What is your signature style? 
It is the material itself: methacrylate and polycarbonate, which I melt in my laboratory and domesticate with my hands. 

What are the particular challenges of working with your chosen material? 
My personal challenge is coming up with ‘one idea per day’; I make only unique pieces and the projects are always different. At the moment we are working on a 13-metre-long cloud for a project in Azerbaijan and a new armchair for Edra. 

Which do you find more satisfying – the process or the end result? 
What I find really satisfying are the comments on my work – I always ask kids and never the insiders! 

What do you wish you’d known when you were first starting off? 
The insights I had when I was first starting out turned out to be correct but, if I could change something, I would have liked to have worked with a glass master in Murano. 

When and where were you happiest? 
Without any doubt the first time I held my son, Tommaso, in my arms. 

Is it important to you to have time to reflect? 
It is fundamental. I spend a couple of hours per day in the bathtub reflecting on things. And I spend every weekend in the countryside with my friends, in my house – which we built all together – cooking, singing, dancing and above all reflecting. But always smiling. 



Photographs Backyard Bill