The Movement Issue

Issue 09 is devoted to the theme of motion: be it found in timepieces, bicycles or boats – from the movement of the body to the mechanics of making. We meet the automata makers, a bespoke ski maker in Norway,  visit Switzerland's best watchmakers and journey at 3mph along some of Britain’s canals and riverways examining lives literally lived away from the mainstream...


The Fashion Issue

The best examples of fashion are built on foundations of rare quality. Craft, beauty, passion and skill are at the very core of fashion at its most inspirational. We feature hat maker Philip Treacy, knitwear pioneer John Allen, heritage supremo Nigel Cabourn and Christopher Raeburn as well as Jeremy Atkinson, the last clogmaker in England. 


The Learning Issue

This issue is dedicated to the idea of learning from the best. We asked some of the most interesting people we know to tell us what most interests them, inspires them and what lessons they've learned along the way. With stories on stained-glass artist Tom Denny, dry stone waller Ann Stewart and cocktail maker Tony Conigliaro to name a few. 


Getting the Balance Right Issue

It's probably inevitable that the stories we sought out for this issue started to develop related themes. You could describe the people we were drawn to as ‘treasure hunters.’ Whether their cache is grapes, books, ukuleles, leather, or vintage motorbike parts each finds magic and rare beauty by looking for it where no one else would think. 


The Senses Issue

Let us take you on a trip through the senses. We visit the remote island of Islay to meet its whisky producers and the fragrant fields of Grasse with Hermès. We discuss the etiquette of tea drinking and reflect on the iconic form of perfume bottles. We talk disorientation with artist Martin Creed and sensory experience with designer Nelly Ben Hayoun and we meet bionic eye makers and cyborgs... 


The Sound & Music Issue

Looking beyond the hype and the hyperbole of the pop charts, we explore sound in all its glory. Highlights include Aphex Twin’s robot maker, Godfried-Willem Raes, field recordist Chris Watson, Kora player Sekou Keita as well as a chat with legendary DJ-producer Andy Weatherall  – and yes, we even feature the odd hurdy-gurdy…


The Changes Issue

In the age of the instant online fix, time is now the ultimate luxury. This issue is dedicated to those who take the time to do things the right way – whether you’re halfway up a munro in the Scottish Highlands or doing intricate embroidery work in St Paul’s Cathedral. The magazine is full of transformative moments – both great and small.


The Collections Issue

In Issue 04 we look at the things we choose to surround ourselves with and meet the people who call themselves collectors. Be it fossils, furniture, jazz albums, ceramics or bicycle parts inside this issue you’ll find a mixture of the enviable, and the invaluable, the eclectic and the eccentric. Sit back and enjoy our collections. Pipe optional. 


Stories of Dedication Issue

In the first issue of Hole & Corner we introduce not just a new magazine but a new outlook on life. To that end we showcase people keeping traditional skills alive – but on their own terms. Be they cheesemakers, cricket-bat makers, tailors or artists: this sense of taking care to make things properly is what distinguishes them.