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Issue 06: The Fashion Issue of Hole & Corner. The making of fashion from
head to toe.




Issue 06: Fashion

Like everything we feature in the magazine, the best examples of fashion are built on foundations of rare quality. Craft, beauty, passion and skill are at the very core of fashion at its most inspirational. Which is why it felt right to devote this issue of Hole & Corner to uncovering fashion’s innovators and mavericks, those who ‘do’ rather than just talk about ‘doing’.

Alongside interviews with hat maker Philip Treacy, knitwear pioneer John Allen, heritage supremo Nigel Cabourn and Christopher Raeburn ­(in a rare joint interview with his brother Graeme Raeburn of Rapha), we feature names you may not recognize but who are equally inspirational, such as the amazing Aboubakar Fofana – who cultivates his own bacteria to create indigo dye – and Jeremy Atkinson, the last clogmaker in England. Each one of them is featured because of their integrity, their uncompromising vision and their determination to let the trends follow them rather than vice versa.

Our contributors this issue include Nick Logan, legendary founder of The Face magazine, Terri White, Editor-in-Chief of Time Out New York, contributing editor Nick Sullivan, Fashion Director of US Esquire, as well as world-renowned fashion photographers including Jacob Sutton, John Spinks, Alan Clarke and Kevin Davies.

Welcome, then, to the Fashion issue. It’s not just about new dresses and which handbag you should have.