Taking the Right Measures

Issue 04: The Collections Issue of Hole & Corner is dedicated to the things we choose to surround ourselves with.


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Issue 04: The Collections Issue

Thanks to the prevalence of online auction sites, it's never been easier to call yourself a collector. But it's the passion behind those who collect that really interests us.

So, in this issue, we meet Dale Rogers – a man in he same vein as the great British collectors Sir John Soane and Michael Mayer – who travels the world acquiring fossilised crocodiles, dinosaur skeletons and petrified trees. 

But it's not just those taking an Indiana Jones route to collecting who interest us. We also explore those who seek out everything from jazz albums to bicycle parts; masks to Penguin Classics; crockery to furniture.

Also in this issue, we examine the relationship between tools and art with Linda Brothwell, hail the return of wild swimming, celebrate the guardians of British manufacturing and re-evaluate the groundbreaking work of furniture designer Wendell Castle.

And, in a unique project, we explore the alluring appeal of the handwritten note, exchanging chain letters with the artist Tracey Emin, the designer maker Sebastian Cox, composer Oliver Coates and more. Meanwhile, Sir Paul Smith allows us a rare peek inside his shed. 

Welcome to The Collections Issue of Hole & Corner. Best order your issue today. Pretty soon, everyone will have one…