Getting the Balance Right

Issue 02: The Family issue of Hole & Corner – available to order again due to popular demand. Unearthing treasures, from folklore to family.


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Issue 02: The Family Issue

The stories included in this second issue of Hole & Corner lead us to unexpected connections as we focused on 'treasure hunters'.

Whether their quarry are grapes, books, ukeleles, leather off-cuts or spare parts for motorbikes, each finds magic and rare beauty by looking for it where no-one else would think to.

In Issue 02, that means Pascale Mussard honouring the innovation of her great-great-great-grandfather Thierry Hèrmes; set design legend Simon Costin exploring the roots of British folklore; odes to family businesses, lost fathers and heraldry.

Elsewhere, we meet Mike Davies, world-renowned architect and stargazer; master piano-maker John Delacour; gardening legend Penelope Hobhouse and David Forsyth of Driftwood surfboards… while leatherwear designer Bill Amberg shows us his custom-made motorbike, hairstylist Sam McKnight shows us round his rose bed and typographer Mr Smith talks us through a unique alphabet.

As winemaker Olivier Varichon explains, it's not about looking to the past, but rather about 'doing things the hard way; the natural way'…