Through the Looking Glass


Issue 11 of Hole & Corner is devoted to the theme of reflection: exploring the world of precious metals and jewellery, crystal and glassware – but also taking a more meditative approach to the subject – reflecting on the things that are most important in life...



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Issue 11: Reflection

For this issue, we have taken time to take stock and reflect, to weigh things up… and maybe just admire some nice shiny stuff too.

In an exclusive conversation, jewellery makers, designers and experts Duffy, Fernando Jorge, Beanie Major and Darren Sherwood discuss the challenges that social media and over saturation pose for their industry. We visit Lasvit in Bohemia and Riedel in Bavaria to see how some of the world’s best glassmakers  defy physics, chemistry and received wisdom in their quest for perfection – fuelled by the occasional weak beer. We speak to gilder, ideas man and raconteur Colin Mullins, who left school at 14 without being able to read or write and now does prestigious work for the Queen – and even got to drank Captain Cook’s wine. Meanwhile, Emma Peascod talks us through her unique, mirrored surfaces, inspired by the landscape of Cumbria, Australia and Japan.

But we also offer a more meditative take on reflection this issue: Mulberry founder Roger Saul explains how he gave up fashion for a second career as an organic spelt farmer. Francis Kurkdjian tells us why the twilight hours are the most magical and productive for him. Food critic Matthew Fort takes a long, hard look in the mirror – while artist and medical phenomenon Marcel Schreur explains how he has survived cancer and dementia and lived tell his tale. We also get some sage, timely advice from philosopher Zygmunt Bauman – from the perils of living in Facebook bubble to why humans thrive in a crisis. In this supposedly ‘post-Truth world’, it’s reassuring to see the smartest man in the room announce ‘I don’t have any answers – but I have a lot of advice’. 

The Reflection Issue: step through the looking glass…