Stories of Dedication

Introducing our own unique Stories of Dedication: the very first issue of Hole & Corner introduces not just a new magazine but a new outlook on life.


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Issue 01

Despite people constantly telling us that modern life moves too fast, Hole & Corner is dedicated to proving that life doesn't have to be that way. Not if you take the time to appreciate life; to do things right.

To that end, Issue 01 of Hole & Corner showcases people keeping traditional skills alive – but on their own terms. Be they cheesemakers, cricket-bat makers, tailors or artists: this sense of taking care to make things properly is what distinguishes them.

From Craig Sams, who revolutionised our diet and now has designs on our soil, to Ella Carstairs, owner of a truly unique straw museum; from John Lobb shoemakers to the team behind Caught by the River; from folk music legend Shirley Collins to the thrill of a good bookshop – each story of dedication proves that life isn't too fast: it's exactly the speed you want it to be.

Issue 01 introduces our enduring themes of craft, beauty, passion and skill: words that have been diluted through overuse and abuse, but which we are reclaiming for a new generation…