British Craft Pavilion

Hole & Corner is delighted to be curating the British Craft Pavilion at London Design Fair during London Design Festival this September. As an independent print magazine that shares stories of creativity, craftsmanship, design and culture using some of the finest photographers and writers working today, this marks a continuation of our commitment to celebrate and support contemporary makers and showcase their work in the most beautiful and engaging way we can...



Ren London

‘Less is more in terms of design. I love the natural quality of linen and try to design simple, contemporary prints that don’t overshadow its natural beauty’ says Ren Valuzyte an east London designer and maker who creates elegant minimalist textiles to wear and for the home...


Omer Arbel

For self-confessed ‘contrarian’ designer Omer Arbel, of contemporary design and manufacturing company Bocci, the creative process never starts with a preconceived idea. Instead, he lets the process and the material shape his work. ‘It’s all an intuitive adventure,’ he says... 



 Forest + Found

Forest + Found have been quietly carving their own distinctive creative path over the last few years, one that has seen them move from making functional, elegant homewares in natural materials to more sculptural and abstract works. For them, its the conversation the work provokes as much as mastery of their craft that motivates them.


The Performance Issue

In Issue 13, we go behind the scenes with creative director Michael Howells, über-choreographer Ryan Heffington and set designer Tony Hornecker, who builds us his own hole-and-corner. We visit the Saut Hermès equestrian event and tour the deco cinemas of India. The roots of performance: from the local farm to Tiffany’s shop window…



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My Hole and Corner

The term 'hole-and-corner' derives from an old English phrase meaning a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream: somewhere you go to contemplate, create and be inspired. From sheds to secret gardens here are some of people's favourite spaces…