Dawson Denim - Carpenter Apron


Dawson Denim - Carpenter Apron


The Carpenter; more of a belt. This style of apron is still used today by many carpenters and includes a combination of pockets.

The Carpenter measures:

28” wide
13” depth

The apron is one of a numbered production run. Its details include copper grommets and heavy cotton webbing tape and copper rivets.

The Fabric: 13 oz Japanese Red Selvage; left dry.

Wash care: We recommend that you wash as least often as possible if you would like to maintain the colour of the Dry Denim. This fabric is likely to shrink by 5% on it’s first wash so make sure you wash in cold water separately to reduce the shrinkage as much as possible, add a little salt in with the water to stabilize the indigo.

Log book: Each Dawson Denim apron is sold with a log book which entitles the owner a free repair during the first 6 months if damaged. This does not affect your statutory rights.

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