a shed of one's own 

Free for every reader: your own shed, courtesy of the nice people behind the 1955 Popular Handicrafts and Practical Homecrafts Annual… 

In Issue 03



A Hole & Corner lifestyle is one lived on one’s own terms: in solitude; a quiet space of your own. A bolthole, a place to make and create. It can be a secret place, a den, or even a garden shed. 

Having struggled to assemble a few measly Ikea Lerberg trestle legs during the production of this issue, we were left feeling suitably humbled when contributing editor James Bowthorpe breezed in and knocked us up a desk from scratch in the same afternoon. So we thought we’d better brush up on our DIY skills. Cue the 1955 Popular Handicrafts and Practical Homecrafts Annual, and its step-by-step guide to building your own shed, reproduced here. 'It keeps you happy!' proclaims the editorial. And they're not wrong. Among the other highlights in the 1955 edition are 'Fitting a sink unit in pictorial-strip form,' 'Lagging Water Pipes' and 'Refrigeration Units for the Home Constructor'. 

But back to your very own shed: all the information you need is right here, in one diagram – and not an Allen key in sight. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that the dimensions are a bit diddy: that’s because these plans are in fact for a Wendy house. Still, baby steps and all...

Shed design by FJ Christopher, technical editor of Popular Handicrafts Magazine.