Introducing Issue 07: Sound & Music

Looking beyond the hype and the hyperbole of the pop charts, we explore sound in all its glory. Highlights of our new issue include one of Britain's finest private keyboard collections, Aphex Twin’s robot maker, Godfried-Willem Raes and wildlife field recordist Chris Watson, while Jeff Barrett of Heavenly Recordings reflects on 25 years of doing things on his terms. Elsewhere, we delve into the strange world of the audiophiles, walk the floor at piano makers Steinway & Sons, have a chat with legendary DJ-producer Andy Weatherall, meet leading Kora player Sekou Keita, visit London's Toe Rag Studios and discuss 7"s with Fraser Moss of YMC – and yes, we even feature the odd hurdy-gurdy…




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Chris Watson's Top 10 Sounds

Sound recordist Chris Watson has been on a mission to make us stop and listen to the world for years. ‘The more you do it, the deeper, more powerful the experience,’ he insists, and ‘it’s so easy to do, too…’


My Hole and Corner

The term 'hole-and-corner' derives from an old English phrase meaning a secret place, or a life lived away from the mainstream: it is a private space to allow creativity and inspiration to flow. From sheds to secret gardens, here are some of our favourite people's favourite spaces…


EFS Designs

Introducing the beguiling sights and sounds of Brooklyn’s EFS Designs: mixing colours through instinct and feeling, this silkscreen printing business provides a link between modern technology and old fashioned hard graft.


Garden Grown   

Ollie Hutson, senior gardener at The Pig Group, gives us a guided tour through the greens and brassicas in the kitchen garden at The Pig Hotel near Bath.


Back Issues

Hole & Corner's back issues feature unique stories of dedication that celebrate a gamut of creativity from tool makers to artists, charcoal burners to fossil collectors, furniture makers to fashion designers.