The Senses Issue: out now

We're pleased to announce that Issue 08 of Hole & Corner magazine – the Senses Issue – is now available to buy. From the Hebridean island of Islay to the fragrant French fields of Grasse, join us on an exploration of taste, smell, sight, hearing, touch and even the elusive sixth sense. We talk to experts in their fields including Turner Prize-winning artist Martin Creed, Michelin-starred chef Nuno Mendes, perfumer Lyn Harris and 'experience designer' Nelly Ben Hayoun – not forgetting a pioneering bionic eye maker and the odd cyborg. Welcome to the Senses Issue: it's about what feels right…



Marvellous Mechanica

Hole & Corner invite you to drop in, watch and make in our automata makers’ space worthy of Heath Robinson with artists Martin Smith, Nik Ramage and Jim Bond, at the chapel of The House of St Barnabas, Soho for London Craft Week (3-7 May)...


Piano Craft

Join us at Bargehouse on the South Bank for London Craft Week. Piano makers Steinway & Sons reveal the skills that go into handcrafting a piano. There will be presentations by pioneering music researchers and live performances at the end of each day (5-6 May)...


Buly 1803

Ramdane Touhami of scent and skincare brand Buly 1803 on his obsession with making always the best of a good job, the importance of change, why he first put jars over candles, the influence of the 19th century and his thorough distaste for marketing...


My Hole & Corner

The term 'hole-and-corner' derives from an old English phrase meaning a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream: somewhere you go to contemplate, create and be inspired. From sheds to secret gardens, here are some of our favourite people's favourite spaces…




Back Issues

Hole & Corner's back issues feature unique stories of dedication that celebrate a gamut of creativity from tool makers to artists, charcoal burners to fossil collectors, furniture makers to fashion designers.



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