The Material Issue

Introducing Issue 14, where we meet those who specialise in pushing materials to their limit – both physically and theoretically – from industrial designer Bodo Sperlein and jeweller-turned-product designer Lara Bohinc to Christopher Sharp, co-founder of The Rug Company. Elsewhere, we meet figures for whom materiality plays a pivotal role, from gallerist Sarah Myserscough, to multi-disciplinary practice Studio Toogood or 1882 Ltd’s Emily Johnson, who is dedicated to giving the traditional ceramics industry a much-needed contemporary relevance. We travel to Santa Fe’s International Folk Art Market, the mecca of artisanal craft, and elsewhere talk to some of the leading lights spearheading a British manufacturing revival, including Sunspel, William & Son and Ettinger…



Temper Studio

Temper studio approach every project with an open-minded attitude. ‘The foundation stone for me is always pushing myself into the "I have no idea how to do this" zone. Creativity happens when you have no method to fall back on,' says founder George Winks. 'You don’t know the solution to a problem, so you have to invent one. That's where all the fun is…'


Modern Craft Workshop

Modern Craft Workshop is the North Cornwall-based studio of potter Rebecca Proctor. First attracted to pottery by the writings on the subject by Leach and Yanagi, she fell in love with the process after her first lesson. Embracing the focus and discipline of production pottery, she consistently strives to make beautiful, functional pottery, each a little better than the piece before…



 Hole & Corner x Burberry

Hole & Corner renews its collaboration with Burberry in a series of workshops for the Here We Are show at Clerkenwell's Old Sessions House, including a live camera obscura demonstration from Jonty Sale and a drop-in collage event with artist Martin Gayford...


 British Craft Pavilion

Hole & Corner proudly presents the best of British contemporary craft: from weavers to ceramicists, blacksmiths to textiles practitioners, stone masons to woodturners – in the British Craft Pavilion at the London Design Fair, 21-24 September 2017



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My Hole and Corner

The term 'hole-and-corner' derives from an old English phrase meaning a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream: somewhere you go to contemplate, create and be inspired. From sheds to secret gardens here are some of people's favourite spaces…