The Form Issue: Out Now

Hole & Corner's tenth issue explores the theme of form: inviting some of the best artists and designers in the world to examine the nature of beauty and the importance of process and function in transforming raw material into finished object. We discuss form and beauty with Adrian Joffe of Comme de Garçons, leatherware designer Bill Amberg and the legendary Sir Peter Blake. We visit the stunning marble quarries in Carrara and meet reclaim and salvage connoisseurs Retrouvius.
We spend a day on the river with rush weaver Felicity Irons and speak to mannequin makers Proportion London as well as interviews with model makers, sculptors, potters and designers. And, while we were at it, we thought we may as well tackle the origins of art too – uncovering the story of possibly the earliest ever example of a sculpture found in Britain – from the man whose back field it originated from. 



Kana London 

Slovenian-born ceramicist Ana Kerin tells us about her journey from fine artist to functional maker, why hands are the best tools and the importance of giving without getting back…


Monastery Stained Glass

In an ordered chaos of paper templates, tools and boxes lives an unique collection of stained glass fragments, begun in 1961, that has been added to, compiled and sold by 88-year-old George Wigley…


Yinka Ilori

Product designer and self-professed up-cycling nut Yinka Ilori is best known for his highly narrative work, where each piece of furniture he creates tells a story. Hole & Corner finds its natural rhythm in conversation with the designer...


Economy of Scale

Marshall Buck excels at recreating classic car designs from scratch – exactly the same, only smaller. And as one of the world’s premier automotive model makers, his work can change hands for more than the price of a real-sized family hatchback…




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My Hole and Corner

The term 'hole-and-corner' derives from an old English phrase meaning a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream: somewhere you go to contemplate, create and be inspired. From sheds to secret gardens, here are some of our favourite people's favourite spaces…